Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults

Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults

Awareness of wheat allergies is the first step to remedy the issues

Why is wheat which is always considered to be vital nutrient of our daily diet required by our body a real problem for so many of us. Indeed wheat grain does play a important part in keeping our bodies fit and in good condition.

However, we know that for many of us that healthy wheat grain brings with it a wheat allergy that can threaten our life. It is more common in children but wheat allergy symptoms in adults are often not recognised and treated in time as we tend to put it off.

You will find listed below numerous wheat allergy symptoms in adults that you might find useful to know about in advance. Simply being aware of all potential wheat allergy symptoms and signs makes it fairly simple to find a way to prevent the problem getting worse before any more dangerous types of wheat allergy symptoms appear.

Before we can fully explore in much more depth signs of wheat allergy symptoms in adults we need to explore more heath condition.

What is a wheat allergy and how is it caused?

An allergy (in this case a wheat allergy) refers to the abnormal behavior of our body’s immune system due to the protein contained in the wheat grain. Once you get affected with such an ailment, it directly gives the indication that your immune system has developed a special antibody that makes the proteins within the wheat you consume, next to unbearable.

Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults

wheat allergy symptoms even in the fieldWithin a short while from the time you take your meals with wheat in any of obvious or hidden forms, wheat allergy symptoms in adults start surfacing one after another and the process continues can continue for hours afterwards. Some of the most common wheat allergy symptoms in adults are mentioned here:

Allergic To Wheat?

Are you allergic to wheat? If you are reading this page and don’t know whether you are allergic or not then I guess you must be trying to check out the possibility by researching for wheat allergy symptoms in adults, But lets look at some basic questions.

  • Are you experiencing any digestion problems after eating wheat-based foods such as as bread or pasta?
  • Are you affected by sneezing or wheezing more with shortness of breath even without eating wheat just being near to it?
  • Have you noticed any unusual skin conditions e.g. a rash and itchiness?

Common Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults

Before you start organizing your life based on new specialized diets and avoiding wheat allergy foods, you must be sure your disease is properly diagnosed. Simply because something is described below it may point towards a wheat allergy symptom in adults it may also be pointing towards another cause. Before you pay a visit to your doctor, there are things to consider; think about whether you experience these wheat allergy symptoms:

Respiratory system wheat allergy symptoms

Asthma. Asthma is a fairly common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways to the lungs. It is usually characterized by the following symptoms: wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Typically a wheeze is identified as a continuous, coarse, and often a whistling sound produced in the respiratory airways during breathing. Sufferers are usually using an inhaler to ease the chest and the airways See asthma problems for more info click here This can be caused by a whole range of reactions including dust and pollen so a wheat allergy may not be the cause of the problem

Digestion and wheat allergy symptoms in adults

Stomach ache or discomfort is a symptom occurring as a result of many diseases. The common characteristic is abdominal pain. It can however be accompanied by a feeling of bloating. Bloating would be defined as swelling of the abdominal area especially the feeling of full and tight abdomen.

In the same way vomiting after consuming wheat products could also be a allergy symptom in adults caused by the wheat grain itself.

Swelling in the face or mouth.Be very wary of any swelling that my occur in the face or mouth. Angiodema, the medical name for swelling in the face or mouth should be treated as a medical emergency so avoid it resulting in anaphylactic shock which can be a deadly reaction.

Although allergies is one of the most common reasonsthe tongue can start to swell for any number of other reasons including allergies to some chemicals or medication. If it is a food allergies such as wheat you are more likely to be witnessing a a swollen throat or lips rather than the tongue.

Skin rashes and wheat allergy symptoms in adults:

Food allergy can also bring in a range of skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis or even hives (Urticaria)

The term Eczema is often applied to a range of skin conditions which do not clear up fast. Symptoms can include a general dryness of the skin along with rashes with redness, swelling, skin blistering, flaking away, oozing liquids, peeling off or even bleeding if scratched or rubbed hard as a natural reaction to the itch.

Hives is often caused by food allergies, not just a wheat allergy, symptoms in adults include pale red raised and very itchy bumps and rarely last for more than four to six weeks.

Headaches can be a wheat allergy symptoms in adults:

Wheat allergy symptoms in adults include headachesThe most common types of headaches triggered by food including wheat allergies are the sinus headaches (facial pain), cluster headaches and.of course migraines.

As we discussed earlier swelling of the face can be a severe reaction to some foods including a wheat allergy Symptoms in adults would generally be around the sinus and may be more accurately described as facial pain rather than headaches. These pains would be triggered mainly when other wheat allergy symptoms are also present such as itching hay fever sneezing or other wheezing conditions such as asthma.

Headaches on just one side of the face usually around the eye area and the back of the eye often referred to as cluster headaches and can be triggered by food including wheat allergies symptoms in adults have been described as the most painful type of sharp headache they have ever experienced even worse than migraines.

Headaches due to migraine are usually throbbing and made worse of sunlight and feeling of nausea often leading to vomiting. They can be very severe where sufferers need to lie down darkened room to cope or fairly mild.

More information on wheat allergy symptoms in adults

There are a number of articles describing wheat allergy symptoms in adults on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheat_allergy and more general food including wheat allergy symptoms on http://www.medicinenet.com/food_allergy/article.htm

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  1. Tracey says

    Hi I wonder if you can help me, every time my partner eats bread or pasta He find that it gets stuck in his chest and He have to bring it up. he suffers with being bloated and get pains in stomach . Only in the last few days his face has slightly gone red. I think he may have wheat allergies but he won’t go doctors. He currently buys zentec from chemist and these do help him. Could you give any advice please it would be very appreciated.

    Kind regards.

    • NO Wheat Man says

      To me this does sound like an allergy and I would strongly encourage him to visit his doctors for some quick painless tests to confirm it either way. However I am not a qualified medical so am not allowed to give any medical advice on either this potential allergy or the medicine which is being taken.

  2. Sarah says

    Can I be experiencing a wheat allergy with only one symptom..Eczema? (only on face…bridge of nose, around sides & bottom of nose, and under lips) Thank you!

    • NO Wheat Man says

      It would do no harm to check it out with your local doctor. I am obviously not able to give you a firm diagnosis on this evidence as it would be in breach of medical ethics.
      Although unlikely to be a wheat allergy as such with only this one symptom it is not unknown. It is also possible that there it may be that other symptoms may be there but in low key way so you have not really taken much notice of them. Play safe and check it out with a qualified person.

    • Lori Kresse says

      Sounds like you have Seborrheic dermatitis. It is caused by yeast. My son son has had it several times. Google it. try some Monistat cream (yes the kind for the vag) or go to the dermatologist for a script of basically the same stuff. AND get on a good strong daily probiotic like Ultimate Flora, it looks expensive but you only have to take 1 capsule per day compared to several of the less expensive brands.

  3. :(upset tummy says

    Hi, my hubby has had diarrhea for the past few days. He’s very gassy and his whole stomach rumbles a lot throughout the day. Ofcourse he’s too stuborn about going to the doc or taking meds!!! But his mom is allergic to wheat, he thinks he is too, he has been eating pasta and whole wheat sandwiches…doesnt have any other symptom. Help?? He has taken pepto but hasnt had an affect on him. :(

    • NO Wheat Man says

      What man likes to admit to the doctor that he has problems. The lack of improvement after using the Pepto suggests it is not just indigestion. He has two choices in my view.

      Firstly stay off ALL wheat products that means you read the labels on all food products being bought to keep him clear.

      The second option is one he may have more difficulty with. He needs to learn to LISTEN AND OBEY his wife and discuss the problem with his doctor. I would suggest you are present during that medical appointment as he may be given advice on change of lifestyle, food choices etc.

      Sometimes us men need to be bullied for our own good.

      • says

        Sounds to me like diverticulitis. My husband has it and it can kill you. Has he been eating a bunch of nuts or seeds? Make him go to the doctor!

  4. Sally says

    How often have you heard of people getting hives from a reaction to wheat? I have a sudden onset of severe hives doing nothing different.

  5. Asthma Sufferer says

    Hi, I suspect I have a wheat allergy. I get a wheezy chest when eating weetabix (even before finishing food)and also sneeze after drinking beer.

    The morning after drinking beer my sinuses are blocked or runny and basically show forms of rhinitis. This can go on for days.

    I also get headaches (facial aches) and always feel lethargic.

    What do you think?

    • NO Wheat Man says


      I used to get an instant headache after drinking one variety of lager. (Viking lager made by Cameron’s brewery in Hartlepool) I stopped drinking that brand and the problem never re-appeared. I think me changing the brand of lager bore no relation to the closure of the brewery may years alter. Your sneezing after beer could be a symptom of an allergy to one of the ingredients maybe even just one of ingredients used in just one of two brands of beer. Does it happen almost immediately or start after a short while? Does it happen with all brands or as in my case with only one.

      The other symptoms you mention do also suggest a potential food wheat allergy I would start by changing your breakfast cereal to something not based on wheat. See the pages on this site to find out foods to avoid before next shopping. Read the packets very carefully when you visit the supermarket.

      In addition start keeping a food and drink diary along with times and dates of symptoms you may be able to eliminate some products (like Weetabix and Shredded Wheat of course) that create problems for you very quickly.

      Sorry I have taken so long to respond to your query I moved house and Talk Talk my original supplier could not not provide with a new line at my new address for over six weeks. Of course they blamed BT but I was getting no-where with their customer services teams so moved providers and got connected almost immediately.

  6. Barbara says

    I have several family members diagnosed with wheat intolerance,they say it caused them leg pain ect, I have found nothing on computer to prove this.

    • NO Wheat Man says

      I tend to agree with your relatives about the link but like you I found no hard evidence to prove it conclusively. Many people experience symptoms in different ways and to different degrees. Leg pain could be brought about reactions causing some muscles to react more than others and this could depend on how they use they exercise the muscles during the day.

      A close friend of mine used to get severe leg cramps as their main symptom of wheat reaction. It was so localised that doctors thought he was using a bread poultice on his leg. Has any other reader experienced this problem.

      • Danyelle says

        I too suffered from leg & joint pain that have ceased since I stopped eating wheat. They were so severe that at 17 years old I was checked for arthritis (negative). I didn’t discover the cause until years later when I developed severe stomach pain after meals. A rotation diet and a doctors visit confirmed wheat allergy. The symptoms have progressed to swelling of the throat & recently hives (accidental exposure). All symptoms cease with avoidance.

      • Janet says

        I suffer severe leg cramps after eating wheat or rice pasta. I have been trying to find info as well. We eat organic sour dough whole grain bread from a local bakery, and I seem to have no symptoms. Last night we had some delicious whole wheat angel hair pasta. I had not had it for several months and it was sounding good.

        I woke up in the middle of the night with severe leg cramps and tightening across the middle of my back..

  7. Ella says

    I get blistered skin whenever I eat anything containing wheat, it’s always in the same place above my lip. I react when I eat soy sauce, indian or chinese fast food or anything containing wheat. The blisters come out arount 2 days after eating something I shouldn’t have & I also get numb lips pretty much immediately. What do you think it would be specifically I’m allergic to? It doesn’t seem to be gluten & I’m not entirely sure of all the things I should be avoiding.

    • NO Wheat Man says

      This does sound very much like a food allergy. I am obviously unable to tell you what the diagnosis is likely to be as you have not listed anything SPECIFIC that causes the problem. It may even be more than one product that you are reacting to.

      Have you tried to keep a food diary recording all the things you eat and where couple that with listing the dates and times when your symptoms appear and disappear. You may be able to find a trend that will enable you pinpoint the problem more exactly.

      It could be almost anything but in addition to wheat you also mention soy sauce and Chinese food it could be some ingredient in that. Maybe even the type of oil being used for frying the food.

      Keeping the food diary will help to narrow down the potential list to a much smaller number of things. Your email address suggests you may be in the UK so take that along to a local GP doctor or contact a allergy testing clinic. The use of a food dairy will be helpful and may even help to eliminate some cost of testing.

  8. Tammie grAygoose says

    For the past month I have been really bloated in my lower abdomen. A little bit in the morning but by the evening it looks like I’m pregnant! It can also be a bit tender in my right side and middle if I push it. I also have really sore hip joints. Would This be a wheat intolerance?

  9. alli says

    I have always known that I felt icky and bloated after eating wheat but never really connected the hives on my legs I had for the past 10 years to it. I also had a bubble type thing on my eye, my blood pressure was elevated way above what is considered normal, I heard ringing in my ears, and dizziness.

    What made me start thinking I have a wheat allergy is last week my son and I shared some donut holes, I would just have one here and there over a period of a few hours. Anyway about 4pm I got so dizzy that I felt drunk! I ran into the wall 3 times and I checked my blood pressure and it was 170/110! So I started researching and saw that I have a lot of symptoms of a wheat allergy so I quit eating it the next day. That was a week ago! I feel SO much better! My hives are almost gone, my eye bubble thing is almost gone (the eye dr told me it was from an allergy awhile back) I have lost a couple inches off my waist already! I don’t have the bloating or ringing I my ears unless I accidentally have something that contains wheat.

    This is a learning process!

    I was wondering if anyone else has had the dizziness or high blood pressure from wheat like me…OH and my blood pressure as normal this morning! It has been gradually going down so that right there makes me happy!

    • NO Wheat Man says

      Can I suggest to you that it was NOT the donut holes which caused your problem but the dough that was surrounding the hole. :-)

      Joking apart I am really pleased that you have finally identified the cause of the medical problems you seem to have had for over ten years.

      It means that you can now take full action to stop it happening again and again over the next ten years.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us all as it may help other readers who are experiencing some of the same issues as you had.

    • Fleur says

      Wow Alli
      YOur story makes so much sense to me now.
      I was admitted into hospital for apparent minnears disease because of the ringing and dizziness that made me basically uncapable of anything.
      They put me on so much medication I could’nt think straight.
      2 years later I find that I have a wheat allergy.
      Sinus problems, headaches, extreme bloating
      But I am eating correctly.
      I dont understand why it’s taking so long for all the symptoms to be gone.
      am I missing something.

    • shannon says

      i had dizzy spells and for 7 years no one could tell me why it was happening to me it was the wheat the whole time

      • NO Wheat Man says

        I had similar arguments some years ago with a doctor when I was a lot less aware of what I was eating. While not dizzy spells as such I was suddenly losing all the energy in my body and having to sit down somewhere and take a rest. Normally tiredness comes on slowly and you begin to feel it happening over a period of time. In my case I would experience total tiredness within a time frame of around 10 seconds. Going from fully energetic just walking along a street or even sitting at a desk and suddenly going to almost total collapse was frightening to say the least. Doctors tried various medical tests over the long period of time and eventually said they were giving up testing. The problem was not happening often enough to be able to repeat the problem.

        Eventually I read an article about keeping a food diary for about a year. The problem was one particular food which I rarely ate and over ten years later after deciding to never touch that food again I have not experienced the problem again. The doctors still would not believe me but it works.

  10. itchyman1 says

    Hi.ive just had blood test results back from my doctor telking me im allergic to wheat and dairy. Can you suggest a balanced diet plan for me ?
    Im at a total standstill with this.
    Does this mean im allergic to gluten?

  11. Kelly J says

    Hi, I find this article interesting. I’ve been getting sick off and on for the past year and a half. Weekly I’ll end up with a full-blown sinus headache/migraine and then the only way to get rid of it is lie down in a dark room. It never lasts more than 24 hours and sometimes I’ll get lucky and go a few weeks without sickness. I’ve talked to my doctor and he said it was just sinus drainage. I do the nasal spray and I take a nasal decongestant plus zyrtec. I feel like it’s just masking the problem because I don’t really feel like it’s getting better.

    I was going to do a detox cleanse but I’m also afraid it will trigger the symptoms and I can’t miss work. Any ideas as to what is going on with me?

  12. Fleur says

    I looked pregnant for most of last year and went for scans etc. none of the doctors thought to check for allergies. so I went for my own blood test and found i’m allergic to wheat.
    since staying away from wheat I felt better. but not completely well.
    I sometimes have bloatedness for no reason, I have’nt even eaten.
    I also have a acne rash on my forehead i’m 32 and when i take roaccutane it goes away but when off roaccutane it comes back.
    I’m at a loss and so tired of trying different harmful tablets.
    If i can give advice to any wheat allergy people like myself. rather make it yourself and always read the packaging.
    also check out other names for wheat that we are unaware of.
    Has anyone got any ideas of why I have the pimples rash?
    Also is Hot chocolate containing wheat?
    I dont seem to get sick if I eat sushi which is sushi rice and basmati rice.
    Is this not wheat?
    any other rice is dangerous.
    your replies would be great thanks.

    • Vikki says

      My 16 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac disease a month ago, after 6 years of undiagnosed illnesses. I don’t want to set off an alarm here, but it is SO important that you have a FULL Celiac blood panel done in order to determine if you have wheat/gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease. The symptoms can be identical. The most critical difference is that you can be causing non-reversible damage to your small intestine if you have Celiac Disease. This can lead to a myriad of other auto-immune diseases if you have Celiac, and continue to injest wheat/gluten.

      I have read that one can do an extensive amount of damage to their system prior to ever knowing of their condition. Worse case scenario, it can be difficult to get “full” relief even after eliminating the culprit. That is why it is so important to get a diagnosis as early as possible. You must, however, continue to be eating the wheat until you are tested to get an accurate diagnosis.

      I encourage you to google Celiac Disease, or go to Celiac.com to learn more about it. There are also some very informative YouTube videos that include the most up-to-date understanding of this disease. The video that I recommend is “Gluten Sensitivity Vs. Celiac Disease” by “Glutenology”. It is 37 mins in length, but worth every minute. Just search it on YourTube.

      It is estimated that only 1-5% of Celiacs ever get diagnosed, and that 1 out of 10 Americans may have it. Please get the blood tests done:)

    • Susan says

      Rice is not wheat. Your rash might be caused by gluten in other products, just because it is wheat free does not mean it is gluten free, so this might be the problem.

  13. Cherie says

    Recently I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy, however because the blood work came back low the dr just sent me on my way. I am truly scared as you know there are so many hidden wheats. Each time I have an accidental consumption my symptoms get worse. This last time I had yeast extract on some fries, thought I read over the ingredients, but this one slipped me. So many ingredients to become familiar with. This last episode within 5 mins my abdomen swelled up to about 4 months pregnant, 15 mins later I was extremely racy, with fogginess. I took a dose of Benydral and within 30 mins the swelling went down, but 1-2 hours later my mouth felt raw. All of my glands in my neck were sore, by now the fogginess was extreme, it was hard to think even process the words to speak. My lips and sinuses began to feel like they were swelling but when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see any evidence of it. I took more Benydral and an hour later the fogginess started to lift and soon all the other sensations shortly after. Except for the raciness that lasts for 24 hours. Sometimes, about 24 hours later I will get a rash just on my neck.

    I am truly concerned of the anaphylaxis shock, but my doctor tells me that I shouldn’t worry. I went to an allergist and didn’t get to see the doc but a PA. He looked at the blood work and because the levels were low he sent me on my way as well. Right now I feel scared and I am yelling for help but no one can hear me. I don’t know where to go or who to see. No one seems to believe me because of a piece of paper that says otherwise. I am afraid of the “to late”
    Can you help? I need someone to take me serious, I am not a hypochondriac, at least that is what everyone is making me feel like. I am in Temecula, Ca?

  14. Rhett says

    I quit eating wheat a few years ago hard to do in America as its in everything as a filler. At 38 I kept having constant Heartburn and wheat and caffeine were the 2 that kept causing it. After I gave them both up I dont have any more problems. Wheat causes problems when i eat it bloating and heart burn. Good luck cutting it out of your diets its not easy also caffeine I think was harder to remove.

  15. ella says

    4 years of hives i could deal with, but couldn’t pin down the source. i gained like 10 lbs, which i thought was normal for someone my age. then, the symptoms got worse. my stomach would swell several inches and i would get severe pain in my intestines. the scariest symptom, crushing chest pain. i went to my regular doctor, who sent me to an allergist, who just did the skin test and a few blood tests (nothing surprising). then, i went to a great gi doctor. a cat scan (w barium) revealed that the swelling in my stomach had caused a hiatal hernia (stomach presses into the esophogus), which caused the crushing chest pain. scan revealed severe scarring of my small intesines. upper & eh hm…lower gi’s with multiple biopsies showed no celiac’s disease. an additional blood test showed a clear high allergy to wheat.

    6 months later with no wheat: all hives are gone (& only appear with accidental injestion, but i feel hyper-sensitive now). no more bloating and hermia has subsided, but i have to be careful how i sit & what i eat. 11 lbs lost with no effort beyond no wheat,which returns me to my normal weight.

    side affects from wheat not realized until wheat free: i had mentioned to close family that i thought i was getting early onset alzheimers. my brain was turning to mush, but i never mentioned it to my doctor. wheat free, i’m back to my self. my iq seems about 20 points higher. my memory freaks even me out! i haven’t even had a cold in the past 6 months (i was getting really odd illnesses, like pink eye!) my joint pain is gone (doctor had been testing me for lupus for years), energy has returned and i never noticed that i had been slightly depressed.

    current side effects of accidental exposure: if i eat wheat now, my throat itches, lips swell, i get a headache,dizzy and incredibly moody (usually very sad…its like really bad pms), and then all the old stuff: swelling/bloating, massive hives with faster onset. plus, coughing and throat itching.

    again, i do not have celiac’s. i have a wheat allergy, but my reaction is substantial and as it gets worse, can be life theatening. my intestines are covered in scars and I’m healing. the allergy to wheat is misunderstood and people think only celiac’s need to be wheat free, but i’m not intollerant. I’m outright allergic to the stuff!

    things i learned: a blood test is more fun than a colonoscopy, so get those done first! the only way to truly test for celiacs is a biopsy during a upper gi or colonoscopy. a blood test can be negative when. you in fact have it, but make sure you haven’t stopped eating gluten prior to the blood test or you can get a false negative.

    hope all that info helps someone!

  16. Gobsmact says

    I have notice a lot of the time i eat wheat bread/biscuit a vain inside my mouth would swell up and a sack of blood would instantly hang mostly from the roof of my mouth, i would then have to prick at it with a pin to release the blood, I have spoken to my doctor, but he docent thin i’m allergic, so wouldn’t give a test to confirm but said if i think that’s what it is i should stop eating it, i’m on simvastatin but i’m not sure if this would cause this reactivation with wheat. any feedback welcome.

  17. Susan says

    Hi I have multiple allergies, eczema (which I’ve been hospitalised for) and had a load of rast tests done, which confirmed that I’m allergic to wheat. I asked my consultant about gluten and he said that I don’t have coeliac disease, but am still unsure about products that have gluten in them..I don’t see my consultant again for a few weeks and when I do see him, I always forget to ask again. So wondered if you could tell me if by having a wheat allergy that I should also avoid gluten. Thanks

  18. Susie says

    I think I have a wheat allergy. I am not sure. I get watery eyes, headaches right above my nose area and eyebrows. Stomach gets upset very often now as well. I feel nauseated sometimes too. Especially when I kneaded the dough too long my hands get itchy, red and like a burning sensation. I am going to see the doctor soon but how likely are the chances of me having a wheat allergy? Which I definitely eat lots of during the day. Usually I feel the worse when kneading dough or eating pizza or noodles.

    • NO Wheat Man says

      It certainly sounds to me as through you COULD have an allergy to wheat or related problems. The fact you were able to eliminate all wheat from your diet and the symptoms did not reappear can only strengthen your own diagnosis.

      As I have said a few times on this website I am not allowed to give medical advice to anyone over the internet. However there is enough evidence for me to say that if I was in your shoes I would continue to keep away from all wheat products even if your doctor cannot confirm it as a positive wheat allergy yet. Did you remember to check your handsoap did not contain wheat? Last year there was a case of over 470 people needing treatment after they used a soap containing a wheat derivative. soap and wheat allergy article

      My colleague who has personal experience of reacting badly to gluten has done a series of articles on removing all traces of gluten from her home especially with the kitchen. Whilst it may all be applicable to you it maybe something you consider in your own situation. Substituting the word gluten for wheat as necessary. I would especially look at the advice on eliminating contamination by other users in your kitchen. You do not want to find their wheat toast crumbs in your non-wheat breakfast toast. Try reading through http://wheatallergyproblems.com/celiac-disease/celiac-disease-in-the-home/gluten-free-kitchen/ or click the drop menu at the top of each page for cleliac diseaease and look for gluten free kitchen At the time of writing this not all sections are yet published but she is working on them.

      Keep it up and let us know how you get on with your doctor.

  19. michelle says

    I recently figured out I had a wheat allergy by eliminating it out of my diet. I have been doing this the past four months. My asthma is under control now, I had itchy skin and that it gone, issues with mucus are gone and my allergy to my cat has disappeared. I have tested this by eating small amounts of wheat, and then I start feeling crappy again.

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