Wheat Allergy Symptoms In Adults

Common Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults

Before you start organizing your life based on new specialized diets and avoiding wheat allergy foods, you must be sure your disease is properly diagnosed. Simply because something is described below it may point towards a wheat allergy symptom in adults it may also be pointing towards another cause.

Before you pay a visit to your doctor, there are things to consider; think about whether you experience these wheat allergy symptoms:

Digestion and Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults

wheat allergy symptoms in adultsStomach ache or discomfort is a symptom occurring as a result of many diseases. The common characteristic is abdominal pain. It can however be accompanied by a feeling of bloating. Bloating would be defined as swelling of the abdominal area — especially the feeling of a full and tight abdomen.

In the same way vomiting after consuming wheat products could also be a allergy symptom in adults caused by the wheat grain itself.

Swelling in the face or mouth.  Be very wary of ANY swelling that may occur in the face or mouth. Angiodema, the medical name for swelling in the face or mouth should always be treated as a medical emergency. This type of anaphylactic shock can be deadly.

Although allergies is one of the most common reasons the tongue can start to swell for any number of other reasons. (Including allergies to some chemicals or medication.)  With a food allergy such as wheat you are more likely to be witnessing a a swollen throat or lips rather than the tongue.

Headaches Can Be Wheat Allergy Symptoms In Adults:

Wheat allergy symptoms in adults include headachesThe most common types of headaches triggered by food — including wheat allergies — are the sinus headaches (facial pain), cluster headaches and of course migraines.

As we discussed earlier swelling of the face can be a severe reaction to some foods including a wheat allergy. Symptoms in adults would generally be around the sinus. (More accurately described as facial pain rather than headaches.)  These pains would be triggered mainly when other wheat allergy symptoms are also present. This would include itching, hay fever, sneezing or other wheezing conditions such as asthma.

Headaches on just one side of the face usually around the eye area and the back of the eye. These are often referred to as cluster headaches. Triggered by food including wheat allergies Symptoms in adults have been described as the most painful type of sharp headache they have ever experienced. It can be even worse than migraines.

Headaches due to migraine are usually throbbing and made worse of sunlight and feeling of nausea often leading to vomiting. They can be very severe where sufferers need to lie down in a darkened room to cope or fairly mild.

Skin Rashes And Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults:

A food allergy such as wheat can also bring in a range of skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis or even hives (Urticaria).

The term Eczema is often applied to a range of skin conditions which do not clear up fast. Symptoms can include a general dryness of the skin along with rashes with redness, swelling, skin blistering, flaking away, oozing liquids, peeling off or even bleeding if scratched or rubbed hard.

Hives are often caused by food allergies, not just wheat allergy Symptoms in adults include pale red raised and very itchy bumps and rarely last for more than four to six weeks.

Respiratory System Wheat Allergy Symptoms

Asthma. Asthma is a fairly common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways to the lungs. It is usually characterized by the following symptoms: wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Typically a wheeze is identified as a continuous, coarse, and often a whistling sound produced in the respiratory airways during breathing. Sufferers are usually using an inhaler to ease the chest and the airways.  This can be caused by a whole range of other types of reactions including dust and pollen so a wheat allergy may not be the cause of the problem

More information on wheat allergy symptoms in adults

There are a number of articles describing wheat allergy symptoms in adults on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheat_allergy and more general food including wheat allergy symptoms  You will also find a list of other articles on our main wheat allergy home page.

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